Why live video influencer marketing?

Its powerful, its social & its credible. Live video takes influencer marketing to a whole new level.

Whether you need start of funnel content to drive brand awareness or end of funnel content to close the sale, live video influencer marketing can be a game changer to your inbound marketing strategies.

Profound human experiences power live video influencing. In our world, its not B2B or B2C, its B2H or Business to Human & that's what makes live video influencing so powerful.  


Finding influencers & creating live video content is easy.

  1. Contact ZappyCast. We can set up an initial meeting where we'll learn more about your business & your content marketing needs.
  2. ZappyCast will create a customized proposal dependant on your customer funnel . Here, you can choose influencers (who we call Zapsters), outline objectives & set goals.
  3. ZappyCast works with Zapsters to create the content. We manage the whole process end to end.
  4. Get your live video content & publish it across all your channels.
  5.  Become an inbound marketing guru.

Creative control is dependent on your brands needs. Sometimes, its a good idea to let your influencers create. Other times, it might be necessary to have a little more output into the creative product. Either way, ZappyCast has got you covered.

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