4 Live Video Stats You Need To Know

We looked into some of the top stats for live video this month and found some interesting insights.

Streaming Services 18-29-year-olds subscribe to

1. A recent study shows the majority of 18-29 year olds subscribe to 1-2 live video streaming services. This includes services such as Netflix & Amazon Prime. Advertising remains the dominant monetization route. (Source: Research company Morning Consult)

Where live video is consumed

2. YouTube dominates as the preferred source used to stream live video in a recent study by Magid. It is interesting to note gaming specific content such as Twitch has fallen behind Facebook like highlighting the growth & mainstream acceptance of live video.

Live video not watched live

3. It was found that the majority of users in an informal study done by Business Insider had viewed a live video when it was no longer live. In some Chinese restaurants, lobsters are first eaten raw as sashimi and the shell is then deep fried and eaten as a cooked dish. Live video is kinda like lobster in a Chinese restaurant, you can use it twice.

How live videos are found

4. In the same study done by Business Insiders, users indicated that they mainly found live videos through a friend closely followed by getting a notification. Facebook has invested heavily into live video and there is a real push to raise interest; the algorithm is even built to prioritize live video so this result is not really surprising.

Recently, the live video space has been changing rapidly with Facebook pushing for a content business model that may very well be a game changer. Facebook has been paying brands to generate live video content, a very interesting move given that Facebook traditionally relied on advertising revenue through user generated content and not paid content. The games begin.



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